Masters Rules

Ontario Masters Lacrosse Council / Association Rules of Play (2013)


1. The first player to a loose ball towards the boards is awarded possession.

2  There will be a (5) second possession rule applied. The rule is waived if the player receives the ball on a breakaway with only the Goaltender to beat.

3  The ball carrier may not run past more than one defender when advancingtowards the net. Loss of possession. This does not pertain to lateral movement across the floor. This rule also does not apply inside the defensive zone restraining line.

4  No team may use a zone defense when teams are at even strength. First time is a warning. Any subsequent zone defense will result in a bench minor penalty to the defensive team.

5  Team in possession of the ball retains possession for restart after stoppage for any injury.

6  After a penalty to one player, play shall resume with the non-offending team having possession at center.

7  Face-offs: Players other than the players facing off may not enter the restraining lines before the ball leaves the two foot face-off circle. Face-off players may not kick, hit, hold or step on the stick of an opponent. Face-off players may not pin the ball in the two foot circle. Face-offs - a player’s first action shall be to draw the ball back.

If on a draw the ball becomes stuck in a player’s stick, possession is awarded to the other team.

8  Dangerous shot: Every player is to be responsible for his shot. Hitting a player whether it is a team-mate, an opponent, or official, will result in a (4) minute penalty. Hitting a goalie from behind the net will be considered a dangerous shot. The player assessed the penalty has to serve the full (4) minutes, regardless of the number of goals scored.

This will count as (1) penalty towards the total of (3) per game, however, a (2nd) dangerous shot penalty by the same player will result in his disqualification for the remainder of that game. If a disqualification takes place, another player from that team must serve the (4) minute penalty. The dangerous shot rule does not apply if the player that is hit with the shot steps in front of the shot or is inside the goal crease, or in the case of deflections or rebounds.

9. There is absolutely no deliberate stick or body contact. There are no picks allowed. All deliberate contact from anywhere on the floor will be penalized.

10. An interference penalty will be assessed to any player who deliberately holds his stick in the face of an opponent.

11. In the event of a follow through penalty on a shot, any goal scored will not count.

12. Any unsportsmanlike penalty will result in a penalty shot, plus a (2) minute minor. This is a stackable penalty so if the team is short handed the player goes to the box and penalty starts when the first penalty is done. The unsportsmanlike penalty is released with a goal. An unsportsmanlike conduct penalty counts as (2) penalties towards the total of (3) penalties in a game.

13. Any penalties to the ball carrier during a breakaway shall result in a penalty shot. If no goal is scored play will re-start with possession to the non- offending team at center.

14. If there is a penalty to the ball carrier on a breakaway and there is no goaltender on the floor, a goal will be awarded.

15. No team shall be more than one player short as a result of penalties. Any subsequent penalties shall result in penalty shots being awarded to the non-offending team. If the penalty is a major penalty, (2) shots will be taken. The second penalty is recognized when the whistle blows to stop any delayed penalty. If no goal is scored, play will restart with possession to the non-offending team at center.

16. Any player receiving (3) penalties in the game will be expelled for the balance of the game.

17. Any player receiving a major penalty, will be expelled from the game plus the game following. If the expulsion takes place in the last game of a tournament the suspension carriers over to the next tournament.

18. Any player penalized for fighting and deemed to be the aggressor will be expelled from the game, and suspended from Ontario Masters Lacrosse for a period of one year from the date of the incident.

19. Any face to face confrontation of an aggressive manner shall be deemed a (2) minute delay of game, plus a (10) minute mis-conduct. If the situation elevates, it goes to a (2) + (10) + game misconduct.

20. On a whistle for change of possession the ball must be set down immediately. Failure to do so will result in a delay of game penalty.

21. Use of an illegible or unregistered player will result in that player’s expulsion from the game and a 5 minute major to that team.


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