Congratulation to Mike McMillan
Inducted into the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame

Burlington's McMillan joins
Ontario lacrosse hall of fame

Burlington Post
By Herb Garbutt

Of all the skills Mike McMillan demonstrated on the lacrosse floor, perhaps the one thing he lacked in his career was timing.

McMillan was a high-scoring junior — he racked up 79 goals and 132 points in 29 games with Mississauga in his final season of Jr. A — when the first professional lacrosse league was formed and folded after just two years. It would be more than a decade before pro lacrosse would grace North American arenas again.

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four goalies

Krebssy - Wrapping up a great career!
Inducted into the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame

I want to tell you a story of an athlete that does not garner the
attention of the pro athletes.
He falls into the category of millions of sports people around
the world. An “unsung hero”.

Carl Krebss is a great guy, and a great athlete. Some of you may
not know him, it is your loss.

Carl Krebss (Krebssy) is a lacrosse goaltender. A “twiner” –
chartered member of the “goaltenders union” .
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